Tuesday, May 16, 2006



red dead revolver

the way some people's aim icons look like heads or small animals, so
that they look appropriate in ichat -- intentional or not?

the concept of unique identifiers

i have not read a good book about napoleon lately

unmixing the strawberry-flavoried syrup from my farina

failed attempt to reach the abandoned lighthouse via kayak

the eternalness of collage -- because generations from here on out will grow
up honing their channel-surfing skills

the eternalness of the loop -- generations from here on out will grow up listening to repetitive video game music -- or maybe we're the only ones, and the high-density disks of the present and future will render such sensibility obsolete

one or two copies of /Garfield's Insults, Put-Downs, and Slams/ (at
the very least) will exist until the sun swallows earth


the interaction between multiple volume controls on a computer --
speaker, physical (sometimes), os, program, (sometimes headphones
plugged into speakers -- even (less common) a knob for each ear)


the way it looks to walk down a long hallway, like in a library --
lights overhead, shelves to left, ends of shelves to the right

there's nothing like an abandoned bathroom

blue bottles red bottles green bottles

reading advertisements on the radio


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