Monday, August 28, 2006


a wheel inside a rabbit inside an inside-out wolf
a wheel inside a rabbit inside an inside-out wolf
a cadence in one's acquaintance is the sole affection of abeyance.
a crossing out the words, and the guitar crossed overnight

over the bar. the crossing-out of the eyes. you'll know it when you want it and you'll surely want it when you know what it is.

A guitar made of clay grows arms and animates itself. "Smoke on the Water," frame by frame, frame, a frame at a time. The possibility left open for some stretches to be recycled.
Shortcuts must be trod sneakily, lest they be detected upon repeat viewing. Audiences absorb more detail year after year.
But do mention it in the commentary -- error transformed to trivia. Factual details are both inexhaustible and wholly satisfying. Imply you know everything, scramble them intentions -- by jove, you've got an upper hand.

Arms must be hidden behind guitar's back at each snap -- three-second timer to aid in self-shooting. Illusion of vibration is a difficult business. Custom-cast mannequin hands in 36 positions. Check frames 12, 111, 380, and the neighborhood of 450 to see protruding clay guitar clay shoulders.

Dice things to bits so they'll cook a li'l quicker.
Mainland China: wood chopsticks in paper. The saving of energy as optional as foreign.

I fill basement jam jars with cold basement water. Leyden, Leyden, help me step down to 4,000.

Words and guitar
I got it.
Words and guitar
You counted on it.

a wheel
inside a rabbit
inside an inside-out Rocky & Bullwinkle


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