Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Chromatic Scales of Juice Tea

I aspire to a simple thought.
The world is my centipede.
I'd like to believe I am a brilliant
     young thing snared in a romantic thicket —
     that the answer lies in the thicket
not to be found but
the answer is the thicket.
It is warm here.

Upon realizing this or that
   is an arbitrary construct
it is my impulse to defy it.
Take a pleasant
progression of clouds.
Take a pleasant progression of
eg "cloud progression:
Enjoy it.
Note the enjoyment.
Think of the sun's rings
third-order valences
bad science
actual interactions of this atom
and another.
Note the enjoyment leads to the
   chasm beneath
one synapse, another
one mind conditioned
    chosen from the masses
    by the masses
    or by a single one, or

Justice is arbitrary, which is beautiful, which is arbitrary, which is unjust, which is beautiful, which is as just as it gets, which is crass, which is retro-chic, which is deplorable
for the injustice done in that world, the babies on late-night dime skimming commercials and whatnot.

or to put it plainly
Two scales fell from my teary eyes
and turned out onions lay behind.


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